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Jive Bomber
Itís 1943, at the height of World War II.  Behind barbed wire in a desolate part of Wyoming is Heart Mountain, one of 13 concentration camps where over 120,000 Japanese-Americans were incarcerated.  A hip Nisei (second-generation Japanese-American) zoot suiter, JACKSON OMATA, nicknamed the Jive Bomber, cons, trades and barters everything from toilet paper to pristine records of Frank Sinatra to get by. 
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Finalist, 2000 Roy W. Dean Grant Award
Winner, 2001 California Civil Liberties Grant


Based as a sequel to a 1980 film produced by Visual Communcations, buddhaheadz.com was written as a commentary about the rapid homogenizing and disappearance of the Japanese-American  community in Los Angeles.
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Winner, 2004 Ruby Yoshino-Schaar Playwriting Award

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